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Wondering how to best use RemoteAfrica to land your dream remote job? Check out the most commonly asked questions (and our answers). Are you a employer? Check out the FAQ page here.

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RemoteAfrica is a job board aims at connecting African professionals with remote opportunties. RemoteAfrica is designed to be the one stop place for landing a job overseas or within Africa and hiring the best talk within Africa.

RemoteAfrica was created to simplify job search for African professionals by removing jobs hiring in specifically locations like USA, Canada and more.

With the increase in foreign investments in African Startups across African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and more, hiring talent within African countries has never been easier.

Explore our Job Categories and click on the jobs you're interested in and qualified for.
After you've read the job listing, click on the red button that says "Apply for this position."

Based on the company's application process, you'll either be taken to their website or ATS link to apply for the position, or prompted to send your application through email.

Hiring managers are busy! Sometimes you won't hear back from them. So, it's always a great practice to follow up after waiting a reasonable amount of time (general standard two weeks). And, remember, kindness always wins.

We are a remote-dedicated job board. That being said, not all jobs are fully remote in nature. Meaning, many companies have hiring restrictions that only allow them to hire in certain countries or time zones. If you see a job listing that's tied to a city or requires you to be in the office a few times a week, click on the 'Let us know!' button on the job posting to notify us.

We take these very seriously! Click on the 'Let us know!' button on the job posting or send an email to with the link to the job posting.

Not at all! You can still use the site without being logged in. However, you'll need to subscribe to navigate more job listings

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